From grassroots to elite football, The FA’s Respect programme helps make sure every game is played in a safe, inclusive and positive environment For All. This can only happen with the hard work and dedication of a huge team of people – both on and off the pitch.

The Respect Awards are your chance to recognise and celebrate champions who make a positive difference in your area.


Nominate your coach for their commitment, the players who champion team spirit, the club doing great work in your local community, the match officials who make the game fair and the volunteers who step up for every match.

Everyone can play a part in making the game great For All. That’s why there are lots of categories where you can nominate your Respect Champions for the role they play in football. This is their time to shine.

Watch this video to find out the qualities we’re looking for.




  • Bobby Moore Award

    Who’s gone above and beyond to show Respect For All this season? Who’s raised the standards across every aspect of the game and has used Football to break down barriers in their community?

  • Bobby Moore Award

    The Bobby More Award winner will be selected from across all categories – representing the nomination which best represents The FA’s values of Respect.

  • Coach Award

    It takes more than a game to bring out the best in players. Does your Coach put respect at the heart of everything they do?

  • Player Award

    It takes more than a goal to make a winner. Know a player who always leads the field in respect, come win or lose?

  • Supporter Award

    It takes more than a cheer to show your support. Who fosters team spirit and fairness from the side-lines?

  • Parent Award

    It takes more than good behaviour to lead by example. Are you proud of the support some parents show at each and every game?

  • Grounds Staff Award

    It takes dedication to maintain your facilities. Who goes over and above to ensure your facilities are respectable and safe?

  • Committee Member Award

    It takes more than paper to keep everyone on the same page. Who’s guaranteed to keep Respect at the top of the agenda?

  • Volunteer Award

    It takes more than free time to make an experience rewarding. Who never fails to volunteer their dedication and support?

  • Club Award

    It takes more than a badge to have honour. Does your club always show exemplary behaviour on and off the pitch?

  • League Award

    It takes more than tables to get results. Are the values of Respect part of everything your league does, from committee meetings to match-day experiences?

  • Match Official Award

    It takes more than a whistle to control a game. Who always leads with integrity and respects all who take part?



Who can nominate?

Self nominations, nominations by a friend or relative or by a third party are all acceptable. The FA will seek references or endorsements for nominations.

Key dates

Nomination window is from 12 May until 12 June 2017 at 5pm.

Winners will be announced on 12 July.

2016 winners

Find out about the inspiring individuals who we celebrated in last year’s Respect Awards.

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